Our Warranty

This warranty covers

Any electronic cigarette purchased from myohm within the last 90 days which has a manufacturing fault, e.g. a non-functioning battery or charger.

This warranty does not cover   

  • Any defect caused by modification, tampering or rough handling of the unit.
  • Any defect which would not have occurred if the instructions for use had been correctly followed.
  • Coils: these are a consumable product.
  • E-liquid: this is a consumable product. Always try the smallest bottle first to make sure you like the flavor!

 What will we do

  • Honour the Consumer Guarantees Act and repair or replace your unit if it has been found to be faulty.
  • We will send you a self-addressed courier bag to return the product to us - at no cost to you – and have the issue resolved within five working days of receiving the return.

How to get service

Contact us at support@myohm.nz or 0800 696 467 with your order number handy.