Joyetech Ultimo Tank


The MG coils in the Ultimo are donut-shaped and feature a wide area of cotton for maximum wicking, and last longer than most other coils on the market.

Top-filling for fast refills.

Dismantles completely for easy cleaning.

Adjustable airflow is super wide at the maximum setting.


Prime the coil correctly before use! Add a few drops of e-liquid to the side vents of the coil, and into the top of the coil with the gauze. Screw the coil in then fill the tank, and open the airflow completely. Without using the power button, gently inhale a few times to prime the coil.


Tank is leaking? Try changing the coil and making sure it is primed correctly with the airflow open and several inhales taken with the power off.

Tank is gurgling? Try increasing the wattage/voltage to see if this resolves the problem.